Gloria Green Hooks

Transcript: Interview with Gloria Green, 1997

Author(s): Gloria G. Hooks and Clarence G. Williams
  • Type: Oral History
  • Researcher: MIT Black History Project
  • Timeline: 1990s
  • Affiliation: Multiple

MIT Black History Project oral history interview conducted by Clarence G. Williams for Technology and the Dream (MIT Press, 2001) on October 2, 1997.

Gloria Green Hooks (1931-2012) was the second black woman on record to attend MIT (45 years after the first, Marie C. Turner). She was born and raised in Washington, D.C. and attended Dunbar High School. In September of 1949, Mrs. Hooks entered the Institute, 'flunked out' in her first semester, then returned in 1950.

Williams, Clarence G. Technology and the Dream: Reflections on the Black Experience at MIT, 1941-1999. Cambridge, MA, MIT Press: 2001.