Student-Faculty Committee, c. 1952

Student-Faculty Committee, c. 1952
Courtesy MIT Museum

A Student-Faculty Committee meeting, c. 1952. Shown left to right: Anthony Robert Giannangeli '54; Kenneth King '52, SM '60; Luther Terance Prince, Jr. '52, SM '53 (committee chairman); Dean L. Jacoby '54; Michael Balmer Boylan '54; and Marilyn Fraser '55.

The Student-Faculty Committee has as its primary purpose the promotion of friendly and mutually beneficial associations between students and faculty members. It is a joint committee, with about twenty student members and assistants and ten faculty members, who are appointed by the president. Luther T. Prince, Jr. ['52, SM '53], served as committee chairman this year. One of the main projects of the committee has been the operation of the Student-Faculty Lounge, Room 2-290, where amid comfortable modernistic surroundings, groups of students can get together with their instructors on an informal basis. The committee has also sponsored a course in reading techniques, given to interested students by the staff of the Department of English and History.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Technique, 1952. Cambridge, MA: Graduating Class of 1952, p. 127. Print. Archives, MIT Museum.

Timeline: 1950s
School: School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Department: Comparative Media Studies/WritingHistoryHumanitiesLiterature
Career: CommunityEducation
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Collection: Faculty, Mentorship, Potential Output 1946-1954, Students, Technique Yearbook