Finding Your Roots: Valerie Jarrett and Robert R. Taylor (2014)

Finding Your Roots: Valerie Jarrett and Robert R. Taylor (2014)
Source: Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

Finding Your Roots: "We Come from People," Season 2 Episode 6 (PBS); original airdate: 28 October 2014 

Valerie Jarrett, former Senior advisor to President Barack Obama, digs into the family history of her legendary great-grandfather, Robert Robinson Taylor, MIT's first African-American graduate (Class of 1892) and an accomplished architect, recruited to help build the prestigious Tuskegee Institute. How did a man born into slavery have the resources to send his son to a private college? Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and the Finding Your Roots team investigate Jarrett's lineage to shed light on this mystery.

Timeline: 2010s
School: School of Architecture and Planning
Department: Architecture
Career: CommunityGovernment & Law
Object: Video
Collection: Family, Middle East, Pop Culture, Rising Voices 1995-Present, Robert R. Taylor, Roots and Exponents 1875-1920, Stanford, Tuskegee, Women