Illustration of John Urschel by Patrick Leger

From the NFL to MIT: The Double Life of John Urschel, 2017

Author(s): Peter Dizikes
  • Type: Article
  • Researcher: Other Researchers
  • Timeline: 2010s
  • Affiliation: Student


Whether he’s blocking a 300-pound defensive lineman or hitting the math books, this doctoral candidate just won’t quit...Urschel is an offensive lineman with the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, a three-year pro with 40 regular-­season games played and a couple of playoff starts on his football résumé. He is also a doctoral candidate in math at MIT who has passed his qualifying exams and has nine published or accepted research papers on his academic résumé.

Dizikes, Peter. "From the NFL to MIT: The Double Life of John Urschel." MIT Technology Review (21 June 2017).