The Negro and MIT

The Negro and MIT, 1968

Author(s): Robert Fleming
  • Type: Article
  • Researcher: Other Researchers
  • Timeline: 1960s
  • Affiliation: Student

"The Negro and MIT" is an essay by Robert Fleming '71 published in the February 1968 issue of INNISFREE: The MIT Journal of Inquiry. From 1965 to about 1969, this monthly student publication ran articles covering topics like the Vietnam War, LSD, housing policy, spirituality, and social justice.

The black revolution which so preoccupies the minds of many American citizens has apparently not reached most of the MIT campus. Protected by the Institute-bred lack of social consciousness, too much of our student body plods along without the slightest curiosity about the small representation of American Negroes on campus.

Robert Fleming

Fleming, Robert. "The Negro and MIT." INNISFREE (February 1968).