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A Break in the Pipeline, 1999

Author(s): MIT News/Technology Review
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  • Timeline: 1990s
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About the Article

"A Break in the Pipeline" ran in the November/December 1999 centennial issue of Technology Review, MIT's magazine of innovation founded in 1899. 

In this article, Clarence G. Williams points out the need for an increase in the number of black men and women on the MIT faculty. As Special Assistant to the President and Institute ombudsman, Williams addressed issues of faculty members throughout MIT. He also taught a course on race relations during his 13 years as Adjunct Professor in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning.

It's ludicrous to say that we cannot increase the number of people of color on the faculty when we get the best in the country as freshmen.

Clarence G. Williams, Technology Review, 1999

“A Break in the Pipeline: Black students at MIT struggle to find role models among the Institute faculty.” MIT Technology Review, Nov./Dec. 1999, pp. 2–3.