MIT meets with insurance companies, 1976

Black Firms to Share MIT Life Insurance Business, 1976

Author(s): Patricia M. Maroni/The Tech
  • Type: Article
  • Researcher: Other Researchers
  • Timeline: 1970s
  • Affiliation: Administrator

In March of 1976, MIT met with two of the nation's largest black-owned life insurance companies--North Carolina Mutual of Durham, NC and Supreme Life Insurance Company of America, of Chicago. Under their negotiated plan, the Institute would transfer 10% of its group life insurance coverage with John Hancock Company to the two firms. Chancellor Paul E. Gray said the move was part of MIT's commitment to help minority companies play a greater role in majority American businesses.

Maroni, Patricia M. "Black Firms to Share MIT Life Insurance Business." The Tech Volume 20, Number 21 (17 March 1976).