Paul Gray

A Bit More About Paul and Priscilla Gray, 2017

Author(s): Clarence G. Williams and Mary Rowe
  • Type: Article
  • Researcher: MIT Black History Project
  • Timeline: 2010s
  • Affiliation: Multiple


We write to add a few lines to the outpouring of respect and affection for Paul Gray [1932-2017]. We were given an unparalleled opportunity to work for a leader who helped MIT to make progress with respect to race and gender – and for all human concerns. (Mary’s 1973 job description as Special Assistant in the President’s Office read in its entirety: “To help make humans more visible at MIT.” Each of us worked with everyone at MIT who wanted to contact us – men and women, in every kind of position, and of every race, religion, and ethnic background.)


About the Authors

Clarence Williams joined MIT in 1972 as Assistant Dean of the Graduate School, was named Special Assistant to the President and Chancellor for Minority Affairs in 1974; was named Ombudsperson in 1980; was named to additional duty as Acting Director of the Office of Minority Education, 1980-82; was named for additional duty as Assistant Opportunity Officer, 1984-1994; and became Adjunct Professor in 1992 at the School of Architecture and Planning.

Mary Rowe joined MIT in early 1973 as Special Assistant to the President and Chancellor for Women and Work, was named Ombudsperson in 1980, and became Adjunct Professor of Negotiation and Conflict Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1985.

Williams, Clarence G. and Mary Rowe. "A Bit More About Paul and Priscilla Gray." MIT Faculty Newsletter Vol. XXX, No. 2 (November/December 2017).