I Will Love You, Forever! 2009

I Will Love You, Forever! --The Quantum Mechanics of Love, 2009

Author(s): James H. Williams, Jr.
  • Type: Book
  • Researcher: Other Researchers
  • Timeline: 2000s
  • Affiliation: Alum

About the Book

In this memoir for the ages, the internationally renowned MIT professor James H. Williams, Jr. poses the breathtaking question “What happens to the love between two people when they die?" To answer his question, he explores four very different loving relationships with four very different females and plumbs the depths of modern cosmology and physics. Via lovions—quantum packets of love— Professor Williams concludes that mutually intense love can indeed be eternal.


This book is powerful and creative, exploring aspects of the human condition that require courage and sensitivity rolled into one. Professor Williams’s vast and eclectic talents make such an exploration possible for readers whose minds will be stretched. Intrafamilial love is complicated and complex, yet Professor Williams has taken our understanding to a new plateau. D. H. Lawrence dealt with similar themes in his Sons and Lovers, but not as adeptly or artfully in my estimation.

— Kenneth R. Manning, MIT Thomas Meloy Professor of Rhetoric and the History of Science and author of Black Apollo of Science: the Life of Ernest Everett Just

About the Author

James Henry Williams, Jr. '67, SM '68 is the MIT School of Engineering Professor of Teaching Excellence; Charles F. Hopewell Faculty Fellow; and Professor of Writing and Humanistic Studies. 

Williams, Jr., James H. I Will Love You, Forever! --The Quantum Mechanics of Love. Composites & Mechanics, 2009.