Wonder Women of Science (2021)

Tiera Fletcher '17, in collaboration with author Ginger Rue and illustrator Sally Wern Comport, wrote Wonder Women of Science: How 12 Geniuses Are Rocking Science, Technology, and the World (Candlewick, 2021). Fletcher, an engineer at Boeing, is one of the designers and structural analysts building the Space Launch System for NASA that is set to send people to Mars. This book for young readers highlights Fletcher and twelve other women scientists, including fellow MIT alumna and nuclear engineer Mareena Robinson Snowden PhD '17.

Timeline: 2020s
School: School of EngineeringSchool of Science
Department: Aeronautics and AstronauticsNuclear Science and Engineering
Career: Arts & HumanitiesEducationEngineeringScience
Object: Video
Collection: Illustrations, NASA, Rising Voices 1995-Present, STEM Education, Women