Women in Space, 2015

Tiera Guinn, Yvonne Cagle, and Alyssa Napier, 2015
Photo: Yuri Vaysgant/MIT News

NASA astronaut Yvonne Cagle (center) poses with MIT Black Women's Alliance co-chairs Tiera Guinn '17 (left) and Alyssa Napier '16 during a visit to MIT, 2015.

In 2015, members of MIT’s Black Women’s Alliance (BWA) and girls from the Cambridge-based Science Club for Girls (SCG) orbited NASA astronaut Yvonne Cagle, before her community-wide talk, “Women in Space.” The talk urged MIT students and girls from the club to dream big.

Dr. Cagle spent 15 years as an Air Force flight surgeon, then two years of training and evaluation at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston in order to serve as a space shuttle flight mission specialist.

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