Willard Johnson, 1970s

Willard Johnson, 1970s
Courtesy MIT Museum

Willard R. Johnson, ca. 1970s

Willard Raymond Johnson is MIT Professor of Political Science Emeritus. Over the course of his lifelong career at MIT, Johnson's research has covered a broad range of African and African American studies--from the politics, policy strategies, and role of external human and capital resources in African development, to aspects of African and African American history, culture, philosophy, and inter-ethnic and foreign relations.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s, Prof. Johnson became a major faculty supporter of the anti-Apartheid movement at MIT. Johnson founded and continues to be active in the leadership of both The Boston Pan-African Forum (he played a significant role in bringing Nelson Mandela to the U.S. after his release from prison) and of The Kansas Institute of African American and Native American Family History (KIAANAFH).

Timeline: 1970s
School: School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Department: Political Science
Career: Arts & HumanitiesCommunityEducation
Object: Image
Collection: Activism, Africa(n), Faculty, Integration and Differentiation 1969-1994, Willard R. Johnson