Udo Ukweni Udo with Ed Miller on set of "Dialing for Dollars" TV show, ca. 1968

Udo Ukweni Udo with Ed Miller on set of "Dialing for Dollars" TV show, ca. 1968
Courtesy MIT Museum

MIT Research Associate Udo Ukweni Udo (r.) with Ed Miller on the set of Dialing for Dollars television show, ca. 1968

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Visiting Ed Miller's 'Dialing for Dollars' program on Channel 7 recently was Dr. Udo Ukweni Udo, M.D., research associate at M.I.T.'s Dept. of Food Science and Technology. Dr. Udo, a Biafran, appeared in support of the Biafra Famine Relief Fund which is being coordinated through the office of Professor Joseph C. Edozien of M.I.T. In addition to stressing the critical needs of the starving civilians in Biafra, Dr. Udo won $20 on the program to aid in the cause. Dr. Udo lives in Cambridge at H-2 Westgate.

Source: MIT Museum


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In 1945 the Program in Food Technology was separated from the Department of Biology and Biomedical Engineering and became the Department of Food Technology (in 1960 the name changed to the Department of Nutrition, Food Science, and Technology, in 1963 to the Department of Nutrition and Food Science, and in 1985 to the Department of Applied Biological Sciences). 

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