Trevor Walker on "Jeopardy," 2013

Trevor Walker on "Jeopardy," 2013
Source: Slice of MIT | MIT Alumni Association

Trevor Walker on the set of Jeopardy, May 2013

Then MIT sophomore Trevor Walker '15 won the quarter-final and the semi-final on the television game show Jeopardy, aired in May of 2013. 

“When I was a teenager," he told Slice of MIT, "I would take the teen tournament online test. One year, I got an audition, but I didn’t get any further than that, that time.” And he found Jeopardy "a lot less stressful" than MIT final exams: "I didn’t feel like I had to cram or anything. I knew what I knew and I was going to do the best I could.”

While he did not take first prize in the Jeopardy finals, Walker did take home $50,000 as the first runner-up.


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