Timothy McIntosh and Winnette McIntosh Ambrose, 2012

Timothy and Winnette McIntosh, 2012
Photo: Carla Sims, Courtesy of The Sweet Lobby

Siblings Timothy McIntosh and Winnette McIntosh Ambrose, founders of The Sweet Lobby bakery, Washington, D.C., 2012.

Siblings Winnette McIntosh Ambrose '98 and Timothy McIntosh '08 both graduated from MIT with degrees in chemical engineering (Course X). They own and operate The Sweet Lobby, a French-inspired patisserie in Washington, D.C.

The Sweet Lobby...didn't get its name from the interest groups that try to work their magic on politicians around the nation's capital...Instead, the name comes from the lobbies at [MIT] that showcase innovations and host events.

"From MIT To A Bakery: The Story Of The Sweet Lobby," NPR, 13 February 2012


When asked how she first got into cooking, McIntosh Ambrose credited her husband, Ricardo Ambrose ’98, and their years at MIT. “He actually has been cooking since long before we met,” says McIntosh Ambrose. She and her husband, both from Trinidad and Tobago, met their first year at the Institute. “At MIT, he was the one who could cook and bake. So we started cooking together to survive the MIT cold.” 

"Engineer Turned Double Food Network Champion," Slice of MIT, 22 January 2018

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