Stephanie Wingfield, 2004

Stephanie Wingfield, 2004
Photo: Thomas Maxisch

Cellist Stephanie Wingfield performs with the MIT Symphony Orchestra.

Architect, lawyer, and accomplished cellist Stephanie Wingfield '82, MArch '87 returned to campus on December 11, 2004 to perform with the MIT Chamber Music Society in Killian Hall. As a student at MIT, Wingfield played cello with the Bach Society, the Chamber Players, and the Symphony Orchestra, then went on to law school at Northeastern University.

Although she had planned to become a high school music teacher, she changed her mind after being recruited by MIT. Music played a big role in her collegiate choice--between Harvard and MIT. "There was no comparison, as far as music performance," she said. "At the time, MIT was definitely stronger."

Once at MIT, the program did not disappoint her. "The standard of playing was incredibly high considering most people did not plan to become professionals." The faculty, "especially Marcus Thompson," were always very helpful and supportive, said Wingfield.

Wingfield said also that she loved studying architecture at MIT. But after practicing for about 10 years, her interests veered toward project management, which gave her contact with attorneys. "That eventually caused me to think I'd like to add what they do to my set of skills," she said.

"Concert features versatile alumna" by Lynn Heinemann, Tech Talk, 8 December 2004

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