Spotlighting Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers: Kristala Prather (2014)

Their research may lead to a new generation of renewable fuels, medical devices and safer home products. The American Chemical Society is continuing its celebration of Black History Month with a new video featuring several African-American chemists and chemical engineers doing cutting edge research today. The video, produced with the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE), highlights the efforts of Kristala Prather, Ph.D. ['94], associate professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to reverse engineer bacteria into biofuel factories. The video also features research on flexible polymers for smartphones and medical devices, as well as a range of research being done the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

American Chemical Society, 19 February 2014

Timeline: 2010s
School: School of Engineering
Department: Chemical EngineeringChemistry
Career: EngineeringScience
Object: Video
Collection: Faculty, Kristala Jones Prather, Rising Voices 1995-Present, Women