Southern Club logo, 1909

Southern Club logo, 1909
Courtesy MIT Museum

Student illustration of Southern Club logo in Technique yearbook, 1909.

Southern Discomfort

Most students during the Institute's early years were New Englanders, with a smattering from other parts of the country and from overseas. Early documentation reveals the prevailing attitudes on campus against Southerners--white an black--and even against Northerners whose families originally hailed from the South. An article in the student newspaper The Tech (20 October 1887) refers to a region of southern Ohio as "the lazy belt," so named because of "certain characteristics of its inhabitants" who "in past time have wandered westward from the 'Old Dominion'".

Timeline: 1900s
Object: Document
Collection: Illustrations, Roots and Exponents 1875-1920, Students, Technique Yearbook