Ronald E. McNair celebrates return from NASA Mission STS 41-B (1984)

On the February 11, 1984 the Challenger shuttle landed successfully at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, completing its fourth trip into space. Onboard was the STS 41-B mission crew, including Ronald E. McNair PhD '77.

McNair had logged a total of 191 hours in space. The STS 41-B mission crew's accomplishments included deployment of two Hughes 376 communications satellites; testing of sensors, computer programs, and other equipment; and the first untethered spacewalk. McNair had assumed primary responsibility for the German SPAS-01 Satellite, acoustic levitation and chemical separation experiments, the Cinema 360 motion picture filming, five Getaway Specials, and numerous mid-deck experiments.

Timeline: 1980s
School: School of Science
Department: Physics
Life: Omega Psi Phi
Career: ScienceTechnologyTransportation
Object: Video
Collection: Honors, Integration and Differentiation 1969-1994, NASA, Ronald E. McNair