Ronald E. McNair Building Dedication, Center for Space Research (1986)

On Dec. 5, 1986, MIT dedicated Building 37, home to the Center for Space Research and part of the aeronautics and astronautics department, to Ronald E. McNair PhD '76. During McNair's second flight in space, he lost his life along with six other astronauts when the space shuttle Challenger exploded. This special ceremony feature[d] speakers Cheryl M. McNair, Ronald McNair's widow, McNair's thesis supervisor Michael S. Feld '63, David S. Saxon (Chairman of the MIT Board of Trustees), Shirley A. Jackson PhD '73, astronaut Charles F. Bolden Jr., and MIT President Paul E. Gray '54. The MIT Gospel Choir concludes the ceremony.

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Timeline: 1980s
School: School of EngineeringSchool of Science
Department: Aeronautics and AstronauticsPhysics
Life: MIT Gospel Choir
Career: CommunityScienceTransportation
Object: Video
Collection: Clarence G. Wiliams, Faculty, Honors, Integration and Differentiation 1969-1994, Michael Feld, NASA, Paul E. Gray, Ronald E. McNair, Shirley A. Jackson