Robert P. Pinckney, 1952

Robert P. Pinckney, 1952
Courtesy MIT Museum

Robert P. Pinckney, Class of 1952

Robert P. Pinckney '52, SM '56 earned both his Bachelor's (1952) and his Master's (1956) in Electrical Engineering from MIT. By 1969, he was working on the Apollo Project as a project engineer on the Digital Computation Group operations staff.

As an upcoming engineer, being Black should not be your first concern. It doesn't matter what your color is or what race you are-- companies pay more attention to what you can do.

Robert Pinckney on a Black MIT alumni panel, 1973

Timeline: 1950s
School: School of Engineering
Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Career: EngineeringTechnologyTransportation
Object: Image
Collection: NASA, Potential Output 1946-1954, Students, Technique Yearbook