Poster: MIT Gospel Choir by Jacqueline S. Casey, 1989

MIT Gospel Choir poster
Courtesy MIT Museum

MIT Gospel Choir poster by Jacqueline Casey, 1989.
Offset 22 x 34 1/4; Split Fountain: Process Blue, Purple, Yellow, Magenta and Green; Offset Vellum; 80 lb Text

About the Artist

Jacqueline S. Casey, Director of the MIT Office of Publications was a graphic designer best known for the posters she created for the Institute. She created this poster for MIT Gospel Choir's "God is..." spring concert, held in April of 1989. The poster is included in her book, Posters: Jacqueline S. Casey- 30 Years of Design at MIT (The MIT Museum, 1992).

I just think of the problem at hand, and I solve it in what I consider an appropriate way...There is emotion, there must be. I've always thought of design as being a creative act itself, creating something with a lot of emotion and excitement. I don't see that you can pin it down with any equation.

–Jacqueline Casey

Timeline: 1980s
Life: MIT Gospel Choir
Career: Arts & Humanities
Object: Document
Collection: Integration and Differentiation 1969-1994, Music, Staff