Poster: Juliana Rotich, 2018

Poster: Juliana Rotich, 2018
Artist: Thandiwe Tshabalala/Nevertheless Podcast

Poster featuring Juliana Rotich, MIT Director's Fellows Program Alumna, 2018.

Juliana Rotich is a technologist, strategic advisor, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. She is co-founder of BRCK Inc, a hardware and services technology company based in Kenya. BRCK was formed to realise a vision for enabling communication in low infrastructure environments by developing useful, innovative technologies. Juliana also co-founded Ushahidi Inc., a non-profit tech company, which specialises in developing free and open source software for changing how information flows in the world.

Nevertheless, 16 August 2018


Nevertheless Podcast

Nevertheless Podcast celebrates "the women transforming teaching and learning through technology". At the end of Season Two, they commissioned four female illustrators from South America, Africa, the Middle East and China to produce a set of downloadable posters in nine languages, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese Brazilian, French Canadian, Simplified Chinese and English. "The women featured serve as amazing role models in their fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics". These posters are intended to "help raise awareness of their achievements, and hopefully inspire a new generation of girls and women in STEM".


Timeline: 2010s
School: School of Architecture and Planning
Department: Architecture
Career: CommunityTechnology
Object: Image
Collection: Activism, Africa(n), Illustrations, Rising Voices 1995-Present, STEM Education, Women