One Day I Too Go Fly trailer (2012)

ONE DAY I TOO GO FLY is the story of students from Tanzania, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Nigeria as they go through undergraduate studies at [MIT]. As they arrive from diverse African backgrounds and immerse themselves in the challenge of rigorous academics and navigating a new world, we embark with them on a unique quest -- for knowledge and for the adults they will become. What happens to them over the next four years as they are molded into first-class engineers at America's premier technological university?

Arthur Musah ['04, MNG '05], Producer/director, is an MIT alum with an MEng in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. He is an MFA Candidate in Film Production from the University of Southern California. (2009-2011)

With Brook Turner, Producer.

Arts at MIT, 2012

School: School of EngineeringSchool of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences
Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceMedia Arts and SciencesMusic and Theater Arts
Life: African Students' Association (ASA)
Career: Arts & HumanitiesCommunityEducation
Object: Video
Collection: Africa(n), Rising Voices 1995-Present, STEM Education, Students, Women