MIT Strategic Action Plan for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, 2021

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[In July of 2020], President Reif announced MIT's effort to develop and implement a comprehensive, Institute-wide action plan for diversity, equity and inclusion – one that will be central to MIT’s overall goals and strategy. Since then, Institute Community and Equity Officer John Dozier, Associate Provost Tim Jamison, and Deputy Institute Community and Equity Officer Maryanne Kirkbride have worked with the Strategic Action Plan Steering Team and MIT's senior leaders to assess the specific needs of our community and to prepare this set of draft commitments designed to promote diversity, create a sense of belonging, and encourage equity across the Institute.

This plan aims to provide a framework for making real progress by establishing mutually agreed-upon goals. We encourage every member of the MIT community to read the draft plan and offer your questions and ideas.

The Institute is famously decentralized. As an organizational strategy, this matches the intellectual and creative freedom we cherish at MIT. However, decentralization presents special challenges when we need – as we do now – to make meaningful change together.

DEI@MIT, April 2021

Timeline: 2020s
Department: Administration
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Collection: Administrators, Black Lives Matter, L. Rafael Reif, MIT Presidents, Rising Voices 1995-Present