MIT Spotlight: Kofi Blake, 2020

MIT Spotlight: Kofi Blake, 2020
Photo: Adam Glanzman | MIT News

Kofi Blake at MIT, October 2020.

There weren’t that many Black people where I went to high school. I never knew what it was like to go to school around others who looked like me and were into the same type of things,” Blake says. “Now, after four years of living in Chocolate City, I’ve really gotten to see the support that comes from within the brotherhood. They’re why I came to MIT.

Kofi Blake '21, MIT senior class president



Timeline: 2020s
School: School of EngineeringSchool of Science
Department: Aeronautics and AstronauticsPhysics
Life: Chocolate City (CC)
Career: CommunityEngineering
Object: Image
Collection: Mentorship, MIT Spotlight, Rising Voices 1995-Present, Students