MIT PhDs, 2018

MIT PhDs, 2018
Courtesy Mareena K. Robinson-Snowden

MIT PhD graduates, June 2018. Left to right: Charles E. Mackin SM '15, PhD '18 (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science); Mareena K. Robinson-Snowden PhD '17 (Nuclear Science and Engineering); Tsehai A. Grell PhD '18 (Chemistry); David A. Hill SM '12, PhD '18 (Media Arts & Science); and Akhenaton-Andrew Jones III '10 (Mathematics/Mechanical Engineering) SM '14, PhD '18 (Mechanical Engineering).

Mareena Robinson-Snowden PhD ’17 became the first black woman to earn a PhD in nuclear engineering from MIT.

Timeline: 2010s
School: School of EngineeringSchool of Humanities, Arts, and Social SciencesSchool of Science
Department: ChemistryElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceMechanical EngineeringMedia Arts and SciencesNuclear Science and Engineering
Life: Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA)
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