MIT Minority Graduate Student Directory, 1979-80

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Past Documenting Efforts

Various individuals have at some point or another undertaken projects to document the history of the black experience at the Institute:


Lawrence Dean ’73 compiles a roster of black students.


Cleve Killingsworth ’73 carries out an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programs (UROP) project under humanities professor Floyd Barbour “to obtain information about former black students at M.I.T.” The project results in a preliminary Directory of Black Alumni at MIT published by the Placement Office with the assistance of Mary Hope, former assistant dean of student affairs.


John Turner and Clarence G. Williams recruit Kimberly-Ann Francis '78 to compile a historical list of black students from the registrar’s records and other sources.

Timeline: 1980s
Department: Administration
Career: Education
Object: Document
Collection: Administrators, Clarence G. Wiliams, Faculty, Integration and Differentiation 1969-1994, Jerome Wiesner, Mentorship, Paul E. Gray, Staff, Students