MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award, 2018

MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award, 2018
Photo by Jon Tadiello, License: CC BY 4.0

Winners and finalists of the 2018 Disobedience Award: Alex Tarzikhan (accepting on behalf of finalists Sarah and Yusra Mardini), Tara Parrish, BethAnn McLaughlin, Tarana Burke, Sherry Marts, Katie Endicott, Deborah Swackhamer, November 2018.

MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award

The MIT Media Lab's Disobedience Award [established in 2017] was created to recognize individuals and groups who engage in ethical, nonviolent acts of disobedience in service of society. The award is open to nominations for anyone still living and active in any field, including the arts, academia, law, politics, science, and social advocacy. 

MIT News, 11/28/2018

Tarana Burke

The MIT Media Lab’s 2018 Disobedience Award will be shared by three leaders of the #MeToo and #MeTooSTEM movement. Tarana Burke, founder of the “Me Too” movement; BethAnn McLaughlin, who brought “Me Too” conversation to STEM institutions; and Sherry Marts, who helps academic and nonprofit organizations become more fair and inclusive, have all taken a stand against sexual assault and harassment, and against the marginalization of survivors. The three winners will share the award’s $250,000 cash prize...A civil rights activist who was the original founder of the "Me Too" Movement, which she started in 2006, Burke has dedicated her life to advocating for those who have experienced sexual trauma or harassment. In particular, Burke focuses on helping survivors who are women of color and from low-wealth communities—people who are frequently ignored or marginalized, even within the #MeToo movement. Burke has been honored as one of The Silence Breakers who were named TIME's 2017 Person of the Year, and named to TIME's "100 Most Influential People of 2018."

Janine Liberty, MIT Media Lab, 11/27/2018

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