MIT Forum for Equity Webcast Series: On Black Lives Matter (2020)

Presented by the MIT Alumni Association, the Forum for Equity aims to engage alumni through thoughtful online conversations that help educate, inform, and examine the problems focused on social justice and help to catalyze change in our communities and in the world.

In this interactive forum from August 12, 2020, Melissa Nobles, the Dean of MIT's School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, discusses the Black Lives Matter movement within the context of American history, shares her research on racial and ethnic politics and issues of retrospective justice, and takes live questions from participants.

Panelist: Melissa Nobles, Kenan Sahin Dean of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, and Professor of Political Science.

Moderator: Sujata Gupta, 2018 Knight Science Journalism fellow and social sciences writer for ScienceNews

Timeline: 2020s
Department: AdministrationPolitical Science
Career: Community
Object: Video
Collection: Activism, Administrators, Black Lives Matter, Faculty, Melissa Nobles, NAACP, Rising Voices 1995-Present, Tuskegee, Women