MDaaS Global, 2019

MDaaS Global, 2019
Courtesy of MDaaS Global

MDaaS Global co-founders in front of their clinic in Ibadan, Nigeria, July 2019. From left to right: Joe McCord SM ’15, Genevieve Barnard Oni MBA ’19, Oluwasoga (Soga) Oni SM ’16, and Opeyemi Ologun.

MDaaS Global was co-founded in 2016 by Barnard Oni MBA ’19 with her husband, Oluwasoga (Soga) Oni SM ’16, as well as Joe McCord SM ’15 and Opeyemi Ologun.

MDaaS Global, founded by three MIT alumni, has built a supply chain to get refurbished medical equipment into low-income African communities. Its clinic in Ibadan, Nigeria, has diagnosed more than 10,000 patients in less than two years.

Operating outside of the wealthier, well-resourced city center, the company’s clinic offers affordable diagnostic services, including ultrasounds, X-rays, malaria tests, and other lab services, that were previously inaccessible to many families in the area.

MDaaS has accomplished this by building a supply chain that gets refurbished medical equipment into the African communities that need them most, and by leveraging technology to streamline clinic operations.

MIT News, 11 July 2019

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