Lobby 7 Protest, 2019

Lobby 7 Protest, 2019
Photo: Daniel Goodwin, The Tech

BGSA Co-chair Corban Swain recites his poem "The Silence of Michael Brown" at the BSU, BGSA, and BBSA protest in MIT Lobby 7, 4 February 2019.

"Black student groups hold die-in," The Tech, 7 February 2019

The Black Students’ Union [BSU], Black Graduate Student Association [BGSA], and Black Business Student Association [BBSA] protested and held a die-in [on February 4, 2019]. Protesters laid on the floor in the area connecting Lobby 7 and the Infinite Corridor to represent those who have died as a result of police brutality...About 60 black undergraduate and graduate students participated in the protest and about 10 faculty and staff attended...There have been many die-ins on college campuses following the shootings of Michael Brown, Jr., Tamir Rice, and Eric Garner, by police officers...Corban Swain 'G, co-chair of the BGSA, read aloud a poem he wrote as an undergraduate student in the aftermath of the shooting of Brown, titled “The Silence of Michael Brown.” After the line, “If Michael Brown’s body could talk, this is what is would say [sic]”, students began a four-minute die-in.

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