Living History Museum performance, 1998

Living History Museum performance, 1998
Photo: Gabor Csanyi | The Tech

"The African-American and Latino Living History Museum" performance. La Sala de Puerto Rico, 25 February 1998.

About the Play

The short play "The African American and Latino Living History Museum"...portrayed famous figures of American history while a guided tour of about thirty people gathered around each one in turn...The performance was directed by Thomas DeFrantz, Brenda L. Cotto-Escalera, and Ayida Mthembu and used the set of the ongoing musical Grand Hotel. The sharp, quick vignettes were designed to give the audience a view of the successes of the individuals and a broader insight into the cultural traditions.

The Tech, 27 February 1998, p. 14

Timeline: 1990s
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Collection: Latinx and Latin America(n), Rising Voices 1995-Present, Students