Larry Sass and 3D-printed buildings, 2014

Larry Sass, 2014
Photo: Len Rubenstein/MIT Spectrum

Lawrence Sass examines building models, 2014

Lawrence "Larry" Sass SMArch ’94, PhD ‘00 is an architectural designer and researcher exploring digital design and fabrication across scales. He earned his Master's (1994) and PhD (2000) from MIT, and has a Bachelor's from Pratt Institute. As an associate professor in the Department of Architecture at MIT, Sass has taught courses specifically in digital fabrication and design computing since 2002.

In Larry Sass's vision of the future, new buildings will rise faster, use fewer resources, cost less, and be more delightful to the eye than ever before. This transformation will be made possible through digital fabrication, a new delivery system for buildings that will enable architects to send computer-designed plans directly to manufacturing--perhaps soon to be 3-D printed.

Kathryn M. O'Neill, "3-D Printed Buildings for A Developing World," MIT SPECTRUM (Winter 2014)

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