Kristala Jones Prather, 2013

Kristala Jones Prather 2013
Photo: M. Scott Brauer/MIT News

Kristala Jones Prather, shown examining yeast cells in the Prather Lab at MIT, 2013. At the time, she was Professor, MacVicar Faculty Fellow, and Graduate Admissions Chair in the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Kristala Jones Prather '94 is the Arthur Dehon Little Professor and Department Executive Officer in the Department of Chemical Engineering. She heads the Prather Lab at MIT, with a research focus on metabolic engineering, biochemical engineering, bioprocess engineering, synthetic biology.

Chemical engineering is the perfect backdrop for our research. We engineer microbes to produce chemical compounds. Some may look at this and think biology, but if you were able to peer inside a cell, you’d witness thousands of chemical reactions inside a microbial chemical factory.

Kristala Jones Prather 

Timeline: 2010s
School: School of Engineering
Department: Chemical Engineering
Life: Black Students' Union (BSU)
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