Ken Burn's "The Central Park Five" Intro by Craig Wilder (2020)

Ken Burn's "The Central Park Five" poster

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The Central Park Five

About the introducer:

Craig Wilder is the Barton L. Weller Professor of History at MIT. A historian of American institutions and ideas, Prof. Wilder advised and appears in The Central Park Five. Come join us to hear Wilder's insights into working with Ken Burns and the historical implications of this case for race and justice in America today. Next year, Wilder will teach: Fall 20: 21H.281 MIT and Slavery: Research and 21H.385/11.152 The Ghetto: From Venice to Harlem. Spring 21: 21H.282 MIT and Slavery: Publication.

About the film:

Wilder's pick is: The Central Park Five. directed by Ken Burns, Sarah Burns, and David McMahon, produced by Ken Burns, et al., Public Broadcasting Service, 2012. 

In 1989, five black and Latino teenagers from Harlem were arrested and later convicted of raping a white woman in New York City's Central Park. The Central Park Five tells the story of that horrific crime, the rush to judgment by the police, a media clamoring for sensational stories and an outraged public, and the five lives upended by this miscarriage of justice.

Country of Origin: United States. Genre: Documentary. Awards: Peabody Award, Alliance of Women Film Journalists, Black Film Critics Circle Awards, Black Reel Awards, Chicago International Film Festival, and more.


Zoom discussion: 5:30pm July 10, 2020

Timeline: 2020s
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