Jerome Bert Wiesner and others at Project Interphase luncheon, 1974

Jerome Bert Wiesner and others at Project Interphase luncheon, 1974
Photo: Calvin Campbell, courtesy MIT Museum

MIT president Jerome B. Wiesner (center) with Margaret L. Smith '79 (left); Theodore Austell '78 (foreground), and graduate student Eve J. Higginbotham '75, SM '75 (right) at a Project Interphase luncheon, summer 1974.

Established in 1969, while Jerome B. Wiesner was MIT Provost, Project Interphase (today Interphase EDGE) is a scholar enrichment program for incoming freshman. It includes a seven-week summer session as well as programming during the academic year to help ease the transition to MIT and to build community among new students.

Jerry Wiesner was single-minded in his desire and efforts to strengthen and improve his beloved MIT.

"This special place has benefited beyond acknowledgment from his fierce belief in the value of racial, ethnic and gender diversity in this community, from his insistence on intellectual quality in our programs, and from his vision of the ways in which science and technology and the arts and humanities reinforce each other.

Paul E. Gray, former Chancellor, MIT Corporation Chairman, and Wiesner's successor as MIT President, in MIT News, 26 October 1994

Timeline: 1970s
Department: Administration
Career: Community
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Collection: Administrators, Bridge Leaders, Integration and Differentiation 1969-1994, Interphase, Jerome Wiesner, MIT Presidents, Students, Women