James Allison in the Great Court, ca. 1968

James Allison in the Great Court, ca. 1968
Photo: Margaret Foote, Courtesy MIT Museum

James C. Allison (background), Opportunity Development Officer, poses in the Great Court at MIT, an unidentified man seated in the foreground, ca. 1968.

As Opportunity Development Officer, James C. Allison worked to ensure that MIT comply with "equal opportunities," as required on federal contract paperwork. His appointment in 1968 was, according to Technology Review, "part of a special effort being made by the Institute to improve MIT's performance as an opportunity employer, similar to Avco, Raytheon, and other big area employers who have made a point of aiding employment for 'minority groups." One of Allison's first tasks was to assure fair employment practices on MIT's new chemistry building.

Timeline: 1960s
Department: Administration
Career: Business & FinanceGovernment & LawScienceTechnology
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Collection: Administrators, Critical Mass 1955-1968