Iris Mack, 1988

Iris Mack, 1988
Photo: Donna M. Coveney, courtesy MIT Museum

Iris Mack at MIT, 1988.

New Orleans native Iris Marie Mack became the first Black woman to teach applied mathematics at the MIT Sloan School of Management in 1986, the same year she became the second Black woman to receive a doctorate in applied mathematics from Harvard University. In 1989, she was a semifinalist for the NASA Astronaut Program. At MIT, Mack taught courses in financial engineering, statistics, and operations research in addition to applied mathematics until 1991. She founded Phat Math Inc. in Miami, Florida in 2003; worked as an investment banker and an Enron Energy Trader; and was named one of "Top 10" College Students and one of "Top 10" Working Women by Glamour Magazine.


Timeline: 1980s
School: School of ScienceSloan School of Management
Department: ManagementMathematics
Career: EducationEngineeringMathematicsScience
Object: Image
Collection: Faculty, Harvard, Integration and Differentiation 1969-1994, NASA, STEM Education, Women