Gus Solomons in "Paradigm Shift," 2011

Gus Solomons dance
Photo: Tom Caravaglia/Dance Magazine

Gustave M. Solomons, Jr. performing "Royalty Redux" at the Danspace Project in New York City, April 2011.

About "Royalty Redux"

Gustave M. Solomons, Jr. '61 is an accomplished dancer, choreographer, dance critic, and actor. He performed "Royalty Redux," a scene from "Paradigm Shift: Past, Present and Future," at the Danspace Project in New York City in April of 2011. The dance performance celebrated the 15th anniversary of the PARADIGM, a dance company for mature dancers to perform and collaborate co-founded by Solomons in 1996.


Solomons holds a BA in Architecture (1961) from MIT. He began dance lessons while attending MIT, and his first teacher was E. Virginia Williams, founder of the Boston Ballet Company. Throughout his time at the Institute, he was very involved in Tech Show and Dramashop productions. Upon graduation from MIT, Solomons moved to New York City, where he worked to find new experimental forms of dance by deconstructing learned structures. He returned to MIT in September of 2002 as an MLK Visiting Scholar, hosted by Music and Theater Arts.

Solomons' younger brother Noel W. Solomons served as an Associate Professor of Clinical Nutrition at MIT from 1977 to 1984.  Their father, Gus Solomons, Sr. '28, was an early MIT graduate.

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