The Fight for Racial Equality in Arab Communities (2020)

MIT Arab Alumni Association

Implicit and explicit racism has existed and continues to exist in Arab communities, both in the US and back in the Middle East and North Africa. The Black Lives Matter movement has transcended borders and shed a light on racial injustice globally. This webinar from June 12, 2020 discusses how Arabs around the world can come to terms with that injustice and what tangible steps we can take to support racial equality in our societies.

Panelist: Rana Abelhamid, internationally acclaimed community organizer and founder of Malikah; Khalid Albaih, Sudanese artist and political cartoonist; and Iglal Misbah Elsadig, a 2018-2019 Hubert Humphrey Fellow at the Department of Urban Planning & Studies at MIT.

Moderator: Dina Atia '22

Timeline: 2020s
School: School of Architecture and Planning
Department: Urban Studies and Planning
Career: Community
Object: Video
Collection: Activism, Africa(n), Faith, Middle East, Rising Voices 1995-Present, Students, Talks