Ernest Cohen in class, 1963

Ernest Cohen in class, 1963
Courtesy MIT Museum

Future systems application engineer Ernest Cohen '64 (Course VI) in class during his junior year, 1963.

Most required classes that we shared together are over [by junior year] and we are getting deeper into our professional specialties.  The picture above of Ernie [Cohen '64] was used in three Techniques [yearbook] and thus became Technique tradition – two times is just plain old reuse. Ernie at the most recent ALC [Alumni Leadership Conference] reflected on how in our class there were fewer black students (3) than women (25).

Robert Popadic '64, "Junior Year - On the Way to Leaving," Class of 1964, MIT Alumni Association

Timeline: 1960s
School: School of Engineering
Department: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Object: Image
Collection: Critical Mass 1955-1968, Ernest Cohen, Students, Technique Yearbook