Class in Food Technology, 1954

Class in Food Technology, 1954
Gift of Robert S. Harris, Courtesy MIT Museum

Class in Food Technology, Summer Session, MIT, 1954.

In January 1945 the Program in Food Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was separated from the Department of Biology and Biomedical Engineering and became Course XX, the Department of Food Technology. In 1960 the name was changed to the Department of Nutrition, Food Science and Technology, and in 1963 technology was dropped from the name. In 1985 the name was changed again to the Department of Applied Biological Sciences. The department was closed in 1988 and its primary activities were divided among other departments. 

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Timeline: 1950s
School: School of Science
Department: Biological EngineeringBiology
Career: Science
Object: Image
Collection: Potential Output 1946-1954, Students