Chocolate City inaugural class, 1975

Chocolate City inaugural class, 1975
Courtesy Karl Reid

The inaugural brothers of Chocolate City, Class of 1979, shown in 1975. 

Chocolate City

Chocolate City (CC) is a living group at MIT currently residing on the top three floors of the New House 1 dormitory. Established in 1972 by black male students, CC aims to create a support network for all of the brothers within, and to develop each of the individual brothers intellectually, professionally, as well as socially.

Culture at MIT was also growing during [the 1970s]. In 1975 Chocolate City, the first cultural residence of MIT opened, and began a trend which has led to MIT being ranked one of the most diverse universities in the nation.

"Technology Colony of Theta Tau: Petition for Chapter Status," p. 22, 4 January 2017 

Timeline: 1970s
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