Chase T.M. Anderson, 2021

Chase T.M. Anderson, 2021
Courtesy Chase T.M. Anderson for WBUR

Chase T.M. Anderson in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco, CA, 2021.

[Friends made while at MIT] validated my identity and helped me unshackle the self I’d been hiding, or had been forced to hide. They taught me that being African-American and gay were beautiful aspects of my entire self, and that I was so much more than I ever dreamed possible.

Seven years later, I’m now a pediatric psychiatrist. I’m trained in the science and the literature. But, through this chosen village, I also understand how the power of community can heal.

Chase Anderson ’11, SM ’13, "I'm A Black, Gay Physician. I'm Here Today Because My Friends Saw Me — All Of Me," WBUR Commentary, 8 June 2021 

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