BSU leaders meet with MIT Admissions, ca. 1969

BSU leaders meet with MIT Admissions, ca. 1969
Courtesy Linda Sharpe

Black Students' Union (BSU) student leaders meet with MIT Admissions, ca. 1969. Shown left to right: BSU co-chair Fred Johnson '72; BSU founding members Linda Sharpe '69 and Charles Kidwell '69; and Peter Richardson, Director of MIT Admissions.

The Black Students' Union

In 1968, the black student community at MIT was small and needed a way to amplify its voice. Formed during that tumultuous year in political and racial history in the US, the MIT Black Students’ Union (BSU) launched a journey of advocacy and community that now continues 50 years later.

"The BSU at 50," MIT Technology Review, November/December 2018

Timeline: 1960s
Department: Administration
Life: Black Students' Union (BSU)
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