#BlackInTheIvory​: Academia's Role in Institutional Racism (2020)

For many Black scientists and researchers, working in academia means weathering systemic bias, micro-aggressions, and isolation. Dr. Shardé M. Davis, a communications researcher at the University of Connecticut, created #BlackInTheIvory​ as a platform for discussing the experiences of Black academics.

On December 3, 2020, Dr. Davis joined Dr. Mareena Robinson Snowden [PhD ’17], a nuclear engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, and Dr. James Mickens [MIT MLK Visiting Scholar 2014-15], a computer scientist at Harvard University, to examine academia's role in perpetuating institutional racism and efforts to change those systems. Tanya Ballard Brown, an editor at National Public Radio (NPR), moderated.

MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing

Timeline: 2020s
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Collection: Martin Luther King, Jr., Rising Voices 1995-Present, Women