Africa Summer Conference Fellows, 1962

Africa Summer Conference Fellows, 1962
Studio Mayer, Evian, France

Africa Summer Conference Fellows in Evian, France, 12-24 August 1962.

[The MIT Fellows in Africa Program] was conceived in January 1960 as a means for bringing well-trained, working-level assistance to development institutions at a time of acute need. The aim was to aid a few African governments by recruiting to their service exceptionally able young Americans whose education is directly relevant to problems facing these governments. A corollary objective was to expose these promising graduates to front-line experience within African institutions, in the belief (i) that such men and their wives would present a favourable image of high-quality young Americans, (ii) that they would mature rapidly through responsible action in the actual business of economic planning and development, and (iii) that upon completing a two-year tour in Africa they would form a promising pool of talent for meeting the manifold needs of the United States in its role towards emerging Africa.

Carroll L. Wilson. "The M.I.T. Fellows in Africa Program," The Journal of Modern African Studies, Vol. 1, Iss. 2, June 1963, pp. 255-56.

Timeline: 1960s
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